Pousada Maura

Antonio Bravo street # 43 Sector Reforma, Guadalajara

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Pousada Maura


Overview of Hostel

“Posada Maura” is a colonial style house from 1850 and has been hostel since 50 years, receiving travelers from all over the world.

We are located just five blocks from the historic downtown of Guadalajara.

The atmosphere of our hostel is comfortable, pleasant and calm.

We offer single room

From Nights People


From the airport of Guadalajara:

Take the bus route 176 (on the highway) in direction to the downtown.
Price: $7 MXP

From the new bus station:

Take the bus route 644-B, or 275-B (on the highway) in direction to the downtown.
Price: $7 MXP

Contact us and we can send you a map with more details, for example, in where you can get off the bus, and then, in where you have to walk.

If you take a taxi from the airport or from the new bus station, tell to the taxi driver, in Spanish:
“Voy rumbo a la colonia Analco, a la calle Antonio Bravo, número 43, entre 20 de noviembre y R. Michel”.
Price: changeful.

Located near

Calle Antonio Bravo # 43. Colonia Analco. Codigo Postal 44460 Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mexico We are between 'Avenida Dr. Roberto Michel', and 'Calle 20 de noviembre' You can find us too in Google Map or Google Earth, in 'Search' write 'Posada Maura Guadalajara Jalisco'

Conditions & Policy

Credit Cards Not Accepted