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Southern jungles and Northern deserts

Mexico, chic and cutting edge fusion

Mexico is somewhere between reality and dreams, right in the middle, giving you the hard reality of poverty and paradise around it, there is no preconceptions that will ever live up to reality in this country, it's literally surrounded by beautiful nature, that shows in every aspect of daily life ... It has all that human being can possibly wish for, deserts, wild jungles filled with the most exotic animals ever, the most dangerous volcanoes and sandy beaches. Mexico in general is a endless adventure that will take your breath away, no matter what kind of attraction you are looking for, you'll receive so much more than expected, mountains, lagoons, Caribbean reefs and dolphins.

Some of the world's greatest archeological monuments are in here, towering pyramids and temples of Mayaa, it literally burst of history and culture, mansions, plazas, and gorgeous colonial era towns. They love music and dance, of course, it wouldn't be a Latin country otherwise, fulfilled with underground dance clubs and endless creative verve. No matter how tight is your budget, Mexico has luxury mansions and hotels for rich and low budget for those ones willing to safe and still enjoy.

There are two kinds of experience within travelling, one is what capture with your eyes, the other with your heart, well, Mexican experience will leave a huge mark in your heart, it's the way they act, the way they love and feel, a lot colours will going on, fiestas and to be frank, they don't really care about the timetables, empathy is so much more important than some ridiculous time.

Mexican cuisine is another thing to added to your heart, even being very spicy, it's a homeland to the sweetest bitter chocolate, Mexicans has given this natural anti depressant to the world, also vanilla, coconuts, peanuts and tomatoes come from here. Mexico is the best mix of everything, you will experience beautiful-ugly cities, traditions that dates back thousand years ago and still are deeply respected, chili-laden food and the best hearts of people ever!


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