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Mexico, city of the gods

Unique travel experience in harmony

Built by the Aztecs in 1325, the Mexico City was originally on an island of Lake Texcoco, and nowadays it shows the Spanish urban standard, specially in the Historical Centre, where many buildings from 16th century take place, not to say about the stores, street vendors and a huge amount of people.

The capital of Mexico is the largest city in North America, and every year receive many tourists for its abundance of attractions and services for travellers of all types. There's so many things to see that it's not a bad idea to pay for a hop-on hop-off bus, specially because the main attractions are scattered all over the city, but using the metro and planning your trip with city maps can be also a good choice.

Starting from the Plaza de la Contituicion, one of the largest squares in the world, the only thing to see over there is the Mexican flag, but the place itself is pure history, as it's believed to be the meeting point of Moctezuma, the Aztec Emperor, and Hernan Cortes. Surrounding the square is the Metropolitan Cathedral, that took nearly 3 centuries to be build, and for that it is a mix of many architectural styles. The Cathedral, like many buildings in Mexico City, is sinking because of its weight on the soft soil.

Going back in time a bit, in the Anthropology Museum, the most complete collection of Mesoamerican artefacts in the world, you could probably spend a whole day. It's organized in chronological order, facilitating the comprehension of how culture changed over time, concluding with the famous Sun Stone, the Aztec Calendar.

If you liked all that old stuff, you should pay a tour to the Teotihucan archaeological site, about 40 km in the north of the Mexican Capital, where the pyramids dedicated to the sun and the moon are. It was the largest city in the world at its peak, with nearly two hundred thousand inhabitants, and for the Aztecs, it was a sacred place, so that the name "Teotihucan" means "city of the gods", even though no one knows the ethnic group that used to live over there nor even the language spoken.

The old and the new live in Mexico City side by side in harmony, such as the budget and the luxurious, the homelike and the party, offering a unique travel experience to whoever dear to explore this captivating place.


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